Summer Tablao Workshops & Technique Classes!

It’s summertime and we got fun ways for you to keep in shape!

Keep your flamenco going or try something new this summer!

¡Hola todos! We’re almost two weeks into the summer term at the studio but it’s not too late to join a class. Keep your flamenco toes moving with one of the available technique classes or join us for a Tablao Intensives!

In the Tablao Intensives, you will have the chance to learn the art of flamenco performance. Have you ever seen a small, intimate flamenco show in a dusky, candle-lit bar where the dancers and musicians move and play on a small wooden stage? That is a tablao and participating in one of Karen’s intensive workshops can be your first step to becoming the romantic and passionate flamenco dancer on that stage!

In these workshops you will learn the festive dances of Spain: sevillanas (with castanets and personal flare), Fandangos de huelva, bulerias and tangos. With Karen’s help you can discover your own, personal flamenco style and how to accompany other dancers with palmas and jaleos! Tablao classes are limited to eight students in order for each one to receive individual attention and coaching from Karen, bettering your chances to excel in your flamenco endeavors.

Want to know more about these workshops and summer technique classes? Visit the Schedule page for class times and descriptions.

Until next time!

flamenco tablao

Image source: Tablao Flamenco Cordobes


Solo Hombres at the Kozmik Zoo, Vancouver

Kozmik Zoo is hosting a Solo Hombres Noche de Flamenco

Hey Vancouver! Need a Friday Flamenco Fix? Join us this Friday, Feb. 17th, 9pm!

Señores y señoras! This Friday only, Karen Flamenco and the Kozmik Zoo Cafe are hosting a night of fiery flamenco caballeros! For a mere $5 you can enjoy a fabulous night of passionate flamenco and live musicians.

Don’t miss out! The show begins at 8:30pm and will transport you the tabloas of Sevilla…

Visit the Kozmik Zoo event page for reservations. See you there!


Karen Flamenco Noche de Flamenco


Karen Flamenco’s Tablao 1 Class

Hey Vancouver! Starting next week: Karen teaches Fandangos!

Don’t miss the chance to learn this festive dance from Spain in Karen’s Tablao 1 class in her Vancouver studio.

Hola todos! Starting November 8th, Karen will be teaching Fandangos in her Tablao 1 class. Don’t miss this chance to learn one of Spain’s beautiful festive dances! Have you ever watched a travel show about Spain? If you have, then I’m sure you’ve seen clips of Spanish women dancing in their flamenco ruffles and polk-a-dotted finery in the streets during celebrations called ferias. By learning festive dances such as sevillanas and fandangos, you’ll be able to confidently don your flamenco polk-a-dots and dance like they do in the south of Spain!

Gentlemen, don’t be shy! Flamenco is not exclusive to the ladies and there are many successful and talented male flamenco dancers that take part in the ferias!

This tablao class starts on Nov.8 and runs until Dec. 13 and are open to all levels! Call, email or come by the studio to find out more about how you can join this class.

It’s not the best filming but here is a video of Karen’s students after her tablao class, dancing at our local tablao scene, Kino Cafe: Fandangos

Hasta luego todos! See you in the studio!

sevilla fiesta
Image source: Tempra Tantrum


Karen Flamenco’s Fall Term Updates

The latest at Karen Flamenco…

Hola, hola! There are a few important class schedule updates to share with you all:

First, if you are just stumbling across this blog and Karen Flamenco, welcome! It’s not too late to take classes.

Tablao 1 (sevillanas and fandangos) classes have been rescheduled for Tuesdays at 6:15 to 7:30.

Clasico Español and Performance Precision have been postponed to the Winter term in January.

Guest teacher Emma Estrada will be teaching the intermediate and elementary class this Wednesday, September 28th. Don’t miss out to learn some new choreography and experience the Madrid style flamenco technique.

Friday, October 7th, Karen will be performing at the Kozmik Zoo for a Noche de Flamenco. Come out and support La Karena and her dancers. We promise an enjoyable night of flamenco dance and live music.

That’s all for now guapas y guapos! Hasta luego!

Photo by Antoine Thibault.