Summer of Tablao at Karen Flamenco!

Get ready for a term filled with the passion of flamenco tablao dancing!

Calling all dancers and aspiring dancers! It’s going to be a fun summer at the studio filled with the heat and passion of dancers running drills, preparing festive dances for tablao stages and rehearsal for the upcoming fall show. If you’ve ever seen a tablao show, now is your chance to learn how you can get up on the stage with confidence and ease! And if you haven’t, that’s no reason you can’t be a part of the show!

Tonight our Sevillanas workshop begins and there are still spaces available! Contact the studio to join in the fun and learn the most popular festive dances of Spain!



Swan Lake Guest Artist: Liron Man

The show is coming up fast and we are so excited to be working with the talented and amazing musician:

Liron Man

We are so excited! The show is only two weeks away! Dancers are rehearsing day and night, perfecting Karen’s incredibly choreographies and musicians are arriving, bringing the movements to life with their own unique talents and musicality.

Today’s feature musician is Liron Man, a talented handpan player and guitarist from Israel. With his unique sound and skill, Liron is bringing helping us bring Swan Lake to entirely new cultural realm. Since the age of four, his passion for music has filled his life with sound and creativity. When Liron discovered flamenco, he instantly fell in love with the passionate rhythms and songs of the Spanish dance. Today, he is living and studying in Andalusia and is performing with his flamenco guitar and his hang drum, combining and creating flamenco music.

We can’t wait to hit the stage with Liron Man!

Contact the studio today to get your tickets to Karen Flamenco’s Swan Lake!

Liron Man(Image via


A Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

Celebrate your mom with a truly unique gift!

This year, if you don’t know what to get your mom, we’ve got a few ideas to get you started! Flowers and manicures are always lovely but perhaps you’ve done that before? So this year we suggest giving her the gift of flamenco!

Here are our top 3 ideas:

Happy Mother’s Day to all our fabulous & loving moms!

IMG_4602(Image via Inés de Sequera)


Summer Term Registration Now Open!

This summer, explore the rhythm and music of flamenco!

Registration is now open! What better way to spend the delicious summer days than up in the studio, dancing in the bright sunlight that streams through our tall windows?! It’s a beautiful open and airy space where you can explore the music and dance of Spain. Situated right across a park, you can spend warm summer days out in the sun cooling and stretching your muscles after a session at Karen Flamenco!

Contact the studio today to learn more about which class is right for you! We hope to see you at the studio! Hasta Luego!slideshow_banner_2014_karen_flamenco_summer