Summer Technique

The summer term has begun but it’s not too late to register!

We’ve got classes for every level that can help you acquire new dance skills, meet new people or just get some fun summer exercise!

In a technique classic you will learn the fundamentals of flamenco and learn to perfect your footwork, your posture and arms. You will have the opportunity to increase your strength and muscle stamina as you learn to gracefully move your body and understand the complex rhythms of flamenco music.

If you’ve never done flamenco before, it’s never too late to start! If you’ve never danced before, that shouldn’t stop you from trying something new!

Contact the studio today to learn about flamenco and which class is right for you! See you at the studio!



Summer Term Registration Now Open!

This summer, explore the rhythm and music of flamenco!

Registration is now open! What better way to spend the delicious summer days than up in the studio, dancing in the bright sunlight that streams through our tall windows?! It’s a beautiful open and airy space where you can explore the music and dance of Spain. Situated right across a park, you can spend warm summer days out in the sun cooling and stretching your muscles after a session at Karen Flamenco!

Contact the studio today to learn more about which class is right for you! We hope to see you at the studio! Hasta Luego!slideshow_banner_2014_karen_flamenco_summer


Summer Workshop with Maria Juncal!

Coming to Karen Flamenco this summer: María Juncal!

Where will you be this summer? Join us for this exclusive summer workshop!

¡Hola todos! Aren’t you a lucky bunch! This summer, world renowned bailaora, María Juncal, will be teaching an exclusive workshop hosted by Karen Flamenco. For a one week intensive, dancers at the advanced and professional levels will have the chance to learn from a true flamenco master!

Registration opens on March 1st. Space is limited to only 10 dancers per level so be sure to reserve your spot as soon as you can!

Karen Flamenco Vancouver Workshop

And now for a little bit of flamenco inspiration, María Juncal…


Welcome Back!

Welcome Back to the new fall semester at Karen Flamenco!

Hello Everyone! Hola Todos! Welcome back! We’re wrapping up our second week of the new fall semester and classes are packed with students rearing to get their flamenco on! For those of you who haven’t registered yet, it’s not too late! As long as there is room in the class you are welcome to join anytime, but I would advise you to register as soon as you can so that you don’t miss out on the fun!

So what’s new this year at the Karen Flamenco studio? Plenty of new classes! The tablao workshop this summer was a beautiful success and now Karen has scheduled three new classes that carry on that tablao performance spirit:

Tablao 2: This class picks up from where Tablao 1 left off. If you have already taken Tablao 1, this is the class for you! You will continue to perfect your sevillanas, tangos y fandangos and you will also begin to learn bulerias por fiesta. Karen will also teach you more about communicating, through dance and palmas, with the musicians. The end goal of this class is to help you reach your flamenco performance goals, to discover and perfect your own personal style, and to teach you the musical language of flamenco.

Sevillanas: Want to learn a flamenco dance that you can dance anywhere they dance flamenco? This is the one for you. Sevillanas is a Spanish folk dance that is popular at fiestas and ferias. You don’t need any experience to join this class; just you and your love of dancing are all that you need!

Fandangos: Like sevillanas, fandangos are also a folk dance of Spain. It is the second of the tablao dances originating from the province of Huelva, Andalucía. Again, this is open to all levels like sevillanas!

Ever wanted to play those clacking things that flamenco dancers have? What are those called again? Right! Castanets, or in Spanish, castanuelas. Well guess what?! Karen has a class for that too:

Clasico Español: This is the class to take if you want to play castanets like a pro and dance with the finesse of ballet combined with the fire and passion of flamenco. Karen will teach you how to dance to the exotic strums of classical Spanish guitar and add in the flare of castanets. This class will definitely help you improve your posture, technique and turns (spot and spin my friends!).

Hope to see you at the studio! Hasta luego todos!


Image sources: Martin Gordon, Enforex, and Marta de la Vega