Karen Flamenco’s Meet the Characters: The Lost Boys!

Introducing Peter Pan’s rambunctious pals, the Lost Boys!

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This raggle taggle bunch can be found running around Neverland on big adventures with their fearless leader, Peter Pan and his fairy friend, Tink.

The Lost Boys have been appearing in Peter Pan stories ever since their debut in J. M. Barrie’s play, Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up. So how did they get to Neverland? These are the boys who fell out of their prams when their nurses weren’t looking and are lost by their nannies. The Lost Boys of Peter Pan were lost in places like the Kensington Gardens and when no one claimed them after seven days, they disappeared to Neverland where they remain young and carefree with Peter Pan. There are no lost girls in Neverland becuase, according to Peter, girls are much too clever to fall out of their prams.

So who are the Lost Boys?karen flamenco

In order of appearance in this Disney cartoon lineup…

Nibs is described as a cheerful, confidant, charming and quite possibly the bravest Lost Boy. The only thing he remembers about his mother is that she wanted a cheque book and he would love to give her one… if only he knew what that is!

The Twins, First and Second Twins, don’t know very much about themselves. In fact, they aren’t allowed to know much about themselves becuase Peter Pan doesn’t know anything about twins. No Lost Boy can know more than Peter…

Curly is not the smartest Lost Boy but one of the most loved. Barrie describes him as “a pickle” since he often gets into trouble. If you are ever wondering which one is Curly, just look for the lost boy with curly hair. He is also known as Cubby in the Disney cartoon.

Slightly is an entertaining character who considers himself quite the boy! His conceited manner comes from the fact that he thinks he is the only one to remember his past. Most of his memories are made up or based on misunderstandings. Thanks to a tag on his pinafore which said “slightly soiled,” Slightly got his name! Slightly may not be the best pretender but he is excellent at making music and musical instruments.

Tootles is a humble and sweet fellow with a bit of an unlucky streak. Whenever he is away, thrilling adventures seem to happen. It is his arrow that shoots down Wendy when Tinkerbell told the Lost Boys that she was a bird and shooting her down would impress Peter.


Karen Flamenco’s Meet the Characters: Tinkerbell!

Who is Peter Pan’s best friend?

Why it’s Tinkerbell!

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Tinkerbell first appeared as Peter Pan’s sparkling, tinkling sidekick in Barrie’s 1904 play and the two characters have been best friends ever since. Since her beginnings as “a common fairy” in the novel, Tinkerbell has appeared as a circle of light reflected by a tiny mirror off stage with a voice of Swiss bells and most famously as the glitter green fairy of the Disney film. Her animated representation was a big hit and she has since gone on to become the unofficial mascot of Disney.

So why is she called Tinkerbell? In the original stories, Tink was a fairy who mended pots and kettles. She was literally a tinker fairy! Not many can understand what Tink says. Her speech sounds like a tinkling bell and only those who know the language of the fairies of Neverland, like Peter, can understand what she says. However, Tinkerbell has a history of making some very discernible facial expressions, making it possible to understand what she means.

She’s a feisty, temperamental, spoiled, sometimes very jealous and vindictive but at other times a very kind and helpful fairy. Unfortunately for Tink, her extreme emotions come from her tiny size. With all the wonders of being a fairy, Tinkerbell is limited to feeling only one emotion at a time because there’s just no space for two!


Karen Flamenco’s Meet the Characters: Peter Pan!

How well do you know Peter Pan?karen flamenco

Peter Pan is Scottish author and playwright, J. M. Barrie’s leading character in his story about the boy who could fly.

In our world and time, Peter Pan would be exactly 110 years old this year! He first appeared in a section of J. M. Barrie’s novel, The Little White Bird, published in 1902. Dive into the world of J. M. Barrie and his fantastical stories and Peter Pan’s age is much much younger than that! After all he is the boy who never grew up!

karen flamencoPeter’s most famous adventure was published in 1904 in the stage play: Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up. This story was later developed into J. M. Barrie’s novel, Peter and Wendy (1911). Since the original stage production, Peter Pan has only grown in popularity. Over the century, he has inspired and appeared in: novels, stage musicals and various film adaptations including the 1953 Disney animated film, Peter Pan, Hook (1991), and this Friday’s main event, the 2003 feature film starring Jeremy Sumpter and Jason Isaacs.

Peter Pan is a fearless soul and an extremely skilled character. He is an excellent swordsman, has the ability to fly and, of course, is eternally youthful. He is a popular fellow: the leader of the Lost Boys, rival of Captain Jas Hook and his hoard of pirates, and is known by all the inhabitants of Neverland including Tiger Lily, the mermaids and fairies.


Karen Flamenco Presents…

Peter Pan!!!

Join us and enter into a magical surprise of flamenco beats and rhythms in Neverland!

Coming in June, the students and company members at Karen Flamenco will be gracing the stage with an all new show. There will be pirates, fairies, mermaids, Peter’s gang of lost friends, and of course the magical duo of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell!

See you there!