Summer of Tablao at Karen Flamenco!

Get ready for a term filled with the passion of flamenco tablao dancing!

Calling all dancers and aspiring dancers! It’s going to be a fun summer at the studio filled with the heat and passion of dancers running drills, preparing festive dances for tablao stages and rehearsal for the upcoming fall show. If you’ve ever seen a tablao show, now is your chance to learn how you can get up on the stage with confidence and ease! And if you haven’t, that’s no reason you can’t be a part of the show!

Tonight our Sevillanas workshop begins and there are still spaces available! Contact the studio to join in the fun and learn the most popular festive dances of Spain!



A Little Flamenco Inspiration!

You’re never too old OR too young to enjoy flamenco!

Truly. Flamenco knows no bounds for enjoyment! From performing to watching, it doesn’t matter how old you are: from 85 year old grandmothers in the audience yelling ‘vamanos!’ to 80 year old gitano (gypsy) singers to two year old toddlers dancing to the palmas (claps) of his family! Yes you read that correctly, even a two year old can dance flamenco and feel the passion of the music!

Now if this video doesn’t inspire you to learn flamenco, perhaps it will inspire you to come and see Karen Flamenco’s Swan Lake! If this little gitano baby can make you gush from his adorable flamenco rhythm, imagine what the skills of trained dancers, seasoned guitarists and spirited singers can make you feel when they bring the dark and beautiful tale of Swan Lake to life on stage in a way that’s never been seen before!

So enjoy the charming two year old Juan, a bailaor (dancer) dancing bulerias! 

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