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Karen Flamenco Donations

Karen Flamenco Dance Society would like to acknowledge:

Gold Donors - Over $1000.00

Victoria Huang / Michelle Cai


Silver Donors - Over $500.00

David Turpin

Bronse Donors

Linda and David Clark
Samaneh Badiei
Jennifer Takahashi
Nancy Robblee
Maryam Kazemi
Monica Gittens
Jacinthe Charette
Debbie Scott
Adriana Lee

Donations can be made direct through email transfer to: info@karenflamenco.com
or via phone: 604-721-4869

Karen Flamenco Dance Society is a not for profit society - not a charity.
The Society cannot provide tax receipts.

Karen Flamenco Dance Society
60 west 7th avenue
Vancouver BC, V5Y 1L6

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