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Fanny Ara - 2016, 2017
(Company Workshops)


Over the past decade, Fanny has earned the role of one of the most important performers in the country, and is recognized and celebrated by flamenco enthusiasts around the world. Now residing in the Bay Area, she is a company member of Caminos Flamencos, sharing the theater stage with artists such as Antonio de la Malena, Manuel de la Malena, Juan Ogalla, Domingo Ortega, David Paniagua and Juñares. She has been a regularly featured artist in Flamenco Festivals including Lluvia Flamenca, Tucson Flamenco Festival, and Dallas Flamenco Festival. She has also been an invited artist in international festivals including the Australia Festival de Guitarra and has toured in Canada, Mexico, Columbia, Dubai, Seychelles, and throughout Europe. Some of her most notable performances include work with the Eva Longoria Foundation, performance at the George V in Paris with the grand pianist Diego Amador and at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles with the world-renown Antonio Carmona in 2013. In April 2014, one of Fanny's dreams came true when she danced accompanied by the incredible pianists Marielle and Katia Labeque at the Davis Symphony Hall, performing one of the most famous West Side Story songs: “America.” Most recently, Fanny was the principal dancer at the Washington Opera’s season of Carmen.



  Fanny Ara

Fanny Ara Karen Flamenco

Fanny Ara Karen Flamenco Junior Company

Cristina Benitez - 2015, 2016
(Company Workshops)


Cristina Benitez . Born in Barcelona in 1978, approaching the dance already very small . She began studying dance and choreography with specialization in "Flamenco" at the Academy Superior of Dance "Istituto del Teatro" in Barcelona that she finished with honors. In 1995 he received the "Premio Straordinario di Danza". Her areas of expertise are many: solo dancer in the Opera Carmen performed throughout China; Prima Ballerina in the Theatre "Opera House" in Cairo , Egypt ; soloist in the company "Aida Gomez" debuted at La Scala in Milan that continued in Japan, Greece , Chile and China; soloist in Film Iberia of Carlos Saura.


  Cristina Benitez

Cristina Benitez Karen Flamenco


Fiona Malena - August 2013, 2014 & 2015
(Company Workshops)


Described as a dancer of “unique and mesmerizing talent,” Fiona Malena received her training and formation as a dancer in Seville, Spain. Her acclaimed mentors and teachers include Farruquito, Juana Amaya, Concha Vargas and Andrés Marín, among others.

Fiona has choreographed and presented new works for the stage since 2001. Past performances have included collaborations with Spanish and international artists such as Pedro Sierra, Juan Ogalla, Niño de Elche, La Tobala, Ramón Martínez, Oscar Lago and David Palomar. Performances in Spain have included performing as a soloist in the production “Y ahora soy yo la Torera” in the Alcazar of Seville, Teatro Cerezo of Carmona and the Alcazar of Jerez de la Frontera. Other performances include Patio Las Cruces “Flamenco sin Fronteras,” Arrayan’s “Tarde de Flamenco Puro”, Tablao Puerta del Sol, “T de Triana” and Pistadigital, among others. Fiona continues to perform regularly with her Seville-based flamenco ensemble in Spain and elsewhere.

Fiona’s performances in Canada and the States include opening for Academy Award winner Buffy Sainte-Marie (Jack Singer Concert Hall, Calgary). Fiona has also been a guest artist with Pavlo, the Jorge Miguel Flamenco Ensemble and Enrique Esmeralda Spanish Dance Company with guest artists Juan Ogalla and Encarna Anillo (Harbourfront Centre, Toronto).


  Fiona Malena

Fiona Malena Karen Flamenco