Karen Flamenco’s Meet the Characters: Tinkerbell!

Who is Peter Pan’s best friend?

Why it’s Tinkerbell!

Karen Flamenco

Tinkerbell first appeared as Peter Pan’s sparkling, tinkling sidekick in Barrie’s 1904 play and the two characters have been best friends ever since. Since her beginnings as “a common fairy” in the novel, Tinkerbell has appeared as a circle of light reflected by a tiny mirror off stage with a voice of Swiss bells and most famously as the glitter green fairy of the Disney film. Her animated representation was a big hit and she has since gone on to become the unofficial mascot of Disney.

So why is she called Tinkerbell? In the original stories, Tink was a fairy who mended pots and kettles. She was literally a tinker fairy! Not many can understand what Tink says. Her speech sounds like a tinkling bell and only those who know the language of the fairies of Neverland, like Peter, can understand what she says. However, Tinkerbell has a history of making some very discernible facial expressions, making it possible to understand what she means.

She’s a feisty, temperamental, spoiled, sometimes very jealous and vindictive but at other times a very kind and helpful fairy. Unfortunately for Tink, her extreme emotions come from her tiny size. With all the wonders of being a fairy, Tinkerbell is limited to feeling only one emotion at a time because there’s just no space for two!


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